Mt Kilimanjaro Day Trip

One Day Hike – Mount Kilimanjaro

Short Overview

If you want just a taste of what Mount Kilimanjaro has to offer, we can cater to you too. Starting from your hotel after breakfast, our driver will take you to Marangu Gate. About 1750m, you’ll start from here and hike through the rainforest to visit Mandara encampment (2720msl) and Maundi Crater a small parasitic volcanic cone just about the forest, where there is a good view when sky is clear. Lake Chala and Pare Mountains can be seenas well as Kibo and Mawenzi are breathtaking. This half-day trip gives you an opportunity to spot colobus monkeys and a startling array of birdlife in their natural habitat.

Details of One Day Hike – Mount Kilimanjaro

Day 1: Marangu gate to Mandara Hut

You will start your journey after breakfast. Our driver will wait for you in Arusha/Moshi to transport you to the village of Marangu.

Choosing this route your journey will start at the Marangu gate (1,980 m), where you should sign in at the Park Office.Walk through the rainforest to the Mandara encampment. A side trip to Maundi Crater is a good way to see the surroundings including Northern Tanzania and Kenya. In the rainforest, look for an endemic vegetations, bird life, and Colobus monkeys. After lunch, hike back to park gate and drive back to Moshi.